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Competitive Salary:

The median pay for Dental Assistants according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics is $37,630 per year or $18.09 per hour. Job openings are expected to increase 19% from 2016 to 2026, much faster than the average for other professions.

During the 10-week training program, we will also provide you employment strategies.

It is important to find employment that will best suit individual needs and that allows for the best possible situation for the dental assistant, employer, and the patients. A dental assisting career is very rewarding, both professionally and personally.

Luxe DentalTM Assisting School is committed to preparing you for future employment by:

  1.  Set goals and identify sources to obtain employment in the dental field.
  2.  Identify the steps of preparing a cover letter and a résumé.
  3.  Define how to prepare for the interview.
  4.  Explain the interview process and identify skills and preparation techniques that will aid in obtaining the job.
  5.  Identify the skills that a successful dental assistant possesses. Explain how to terminate employment.

Luxe DentalTM Assisting School is a certified dental assisting school which is offering to educate and train Dental Assisting Students through dental education courses at an affordable price. If you want to know that how to become a dental assistant and if you are looking for a reputable dental assisting institute then Luxe DentalTM Assisting is the best choice for you. At Luxe DentalTM Assisting School, we offer a great learning opportunity in small class settings that truly prepares you for a new career in Dental Assisting. Instead of concentrating on books with the complete classroom hours, we focus on the real-world experience of working as a Dental Assistant and we train in a two of our state of the art working dental clinics.

Luxe DentalTM Assisting

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